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Ways to Make Moving Easier: Tips for Moving With Your Baby

Trying to juggle a crying baby and moving boxes will drive most people to the edge of their sanity. Moving is stressful enough, so add a baby into the mix, and you are likely to be desperate to find ways to make moving easier. Fortunately, Master Moving is here to help. We have expert tips to help you find the best way to move house with your baby.

Find the Best Movers:


The most effective of ways to make moving easier is to find the best movers. A good moving team will eliminate a great deal of stress from your move. You may even find the best way to move house is to use a full moving service that includes packing and unpacking. This will help to free up your time and concentrate on looking after your child and managing the other aspects of your move.

Fortunately, Master Moving can help you to find the best moving company. We will evaluate your unique requirements to match you with companies who have the expertise to facilitate a move with minimal stress.

Box Up Baby Non Essentials:

To save wasting time looking for a favorite toy or pacifier, box up your baby’s non essentials when you start your packing. Label the box clearly as the nursery and include any extra blankets, toys, or other non essentials you are not likely to need in the weeks before the move or immediately after.

Create a Baby Essentials Box:

While you may have a general household essentials box, your baby is likely to need one of their very own. You will need a box or bag that can be carried with you during the move that contains everything you will need. You should include wipes, diapers, clothing, a few toys, formula or food, a favorite stuffed toy or blanket, snacks, and diapers. You may also need a breast pump and your breastfeeding pillow and a bouncy seat where the baby can be contained for a short period.

Basically, think about anything you will need for your baby before the move, moving day and immediately after. This means that when you get to your new home, you can immediately make the baby comfortable in the nursery and put them down for a nap.

Enlist Some Help:

During a move, you are likely to find that you are pulled in a number of directions. From packing up the last minute boxes, answering any moving crew questions and organizing any final details. This means that it is a good idea to enlist some help to look after the baby. Whether you use a babysitter or get help from a friend or family member, it can be helpful to have an extra set of hands. You don’t want a baby crawling around the feet of the movers as they are trying to load the van.

If you need ways to make moving easier, you need to speak to Master Moving. We can help you find the best way to move house with a professional offering a service tailored to your needs. We will evaluate the requirements of your move and match you with companies from our panel of experienced professionals for a smooth move.

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