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Moving Planner Help: How to Organize an Efficient Garage Sale

One of the first items on any moving planner is to clear your clutter. No checklist for moving is complete without sorting out what items you want to take to your new home. This not only helps you to establish the size of shipment for your movers but encourages you to get started with your packing. However, what do you do with those items that don’t make the grade? Hold a garage sale! An efficient sale can help to clear the clutter and may even generate a little extra cash. Master Moving has compiled some tips and tricks so you can add hold a garage sale to your moving checklist.

Plan Your Date:


Decide when you want to hold your garage sale. Sooner is better as it provides you with more time to get rid of any unsold items. A weekend tends to work best when you will have the most potential buyers. However, you will need to check the rules in your community, and you may need special permissions. Try to plan a date when family and friends are available to help out. Also come up with a back up date, just in case you don’t have great weather.

Organize Displays:

While you can still sell items directly on the lawn, they tend to sell better from a display. So add organizing some tables to your moving planner. Ask family and friends to borrow their clothes racks, picnic tables and any other temporary surfaces that would be good for displaying your items.

Get Pricing:

As you are sorting your items for the garage sale, start arranging your pricing. It is a good idea to group items together for ease of pricing. For example, rather than marking up every CD, you can create a sign that says “all CDs $1”, you can even get creative with special 3 for 2 offers. Remember that your buyers will be paying in case, so keep your pricing simple. You won’t want to be hunting around for nickels and dimes during the sale to give as change.

Promote, Promote!

If you don’t promote your garage sale, almost no one will know it is on. A week or so before the date, start advertising online. Craigslist and Facebook can be excellent resources, but don’t overlook the importance of a few flyers. Just be sure to put the date and location clearly.

Think Sales:

Finally, start thinking about the best way to showcase your items. Take a little time to prepare your items. No one will look at a wrinkled shirt, but if it is neat on a hanger, it may catch someone’s eye. All your items should be clean, so they attract attention and buyers.

If you need help with your moving planner, speak to the Master Moving team. We can not only evaluate your moving needs to connect you with the best moving companies, but we can also help you create your checklist for moving. A moving checklist can be the difference between an organized move and complete chaos, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

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