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Moving FAQs: What to Expect on Your Move Day

One of the most common moving FAQs is not related to moving costs, but what actually happens on move day. While every move is slightly different, Master Moving is here to help guide you through what you can expect.

What Happens if the Moving Crew Doesn’t Arrive On Time?


One of the benefits of using Master Movers is that you will know that you can rely on your moving crew arriving when you expect them. Some supervisors will even call to let you know the truck is on the road and when you can expect them to arrive. This should relieve you of the anxiety of waiting for the crew to show up. One of the moving FAQs we often hear is what do you do if the movers don’t show up? There is no need to ask when you have been matched with a company through Master Movers. We only work with professional companies who take pride in offering superior service. However, if you do have concerns, you can call us or your contact at the moving company.

Do You Need a Written Inventory?

It is always a good idea to have a written inventory. The moving company will have used an inventory to document the current condition of your items and assign it with a code to determine where it will be loaded. You should check the inventory as it is a tool to ensure that everything arrives at your new home in the same condition. Your mover will usually ask that you agree with the inventory by signing it.

Do I Need to Supervise the Loading of the Truck?

Professional movers will have their own system of loading the truck in the most efficient way. There is no real need to watch this process and don’t worry if you notice boxes and items of furniture from different rooms being placed together. The movers take a systematic approach to load the truck fully, like completing a puzzle. They are ensuring that there are no loose spaces where items could shift. When you get to your new home, the movers will place each piece where you need it, regardless of where it was on the truck.

Should I Stay Out of the Way?

On moving day, you need to strike a fine balance between being out of the way for the movers to do their job, but being nearby enough for any questions or queries. Usually, the move team will simply get on with loading the truck, so you can concentrate on your final organization and getting your family ready for driving to your new home. However, if something does occur, the supervisor will need to find you. Therefore, it is a good idea to let the supervisor or driver know roughly where you are.

If you have any moving FAQs or other concerns about your moving day, speak to the Master Moving team. We can only evaluate your requirements and match you with a fantastic moving company, but we can help answer any queries and assist with planning your moving costs.

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