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Long Distance Movers: How to Verify if Moving Services Are Legitimate?

When you are choosing long distance moving companies, you are essentially choosing someone you trust with almost all of your worldly possessions. You are going to be waving goodbye to your belongings and have confidence that the long distance movers will bring them safely to your new home. While the best moving companies may offer testimonials and reviews, how do you verify if their moving services are legitimate? Fortunately, Master Moving is here to help.

The Growing Problem of Scam Companies:


Generally, long distance moving companies and moving services in the United States are reputable businesses. Unfortunately, there are still a few bad apples who threaten to tarnish the whole industry. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has documented that lately there has been an increasing number of complaints filed to report the fraudulent practices of scam artists and rogue movers. This means that if you are going to hand over a deposit and part with your belongings, you need to ensure that the company you are using is legitimate.

Proper Licensing:

The first step to verifying the legitimacy of long distance movers is that they are properly licensed. Interstate or long distance moving companies who operate outside of one state must have a Department of Transport issued license number. Local movers only require state licensing, but the best moving companies ensure that they are compliant with both state and federal regulations.

While you can verify the license numbers on the D.O.T website, there is no need if you are using Master Moving. We ensure that every company we work with is fully licensed.

Insurance Options:

The FMCSA also requires long distance movers and moving services to offer insurance options. By law, companies should offer at least two levels of insurance; full value and released value. Full value protection provides the replacement value of any damaged or lost items in your whole shipment. Released value provides more basic cover with minimal protection of no more than 60 cents per pound of each article.

Are There Any Complaints?

While there are some people who will complain about anything, a record of serious complaints is a massive warning flag. The FMCSA keeps a record of official complaints that have been filed against any long distance moving companies. You can use the DOT license number to use the search tool on the FMCSA website. This will highlight any official complaints lodged. You can also verify any complaints with the Better Business Bureau. This nonprofit was designed to help people find a company they can trust. Companies that are accredited by the BBB have met the organization’s high accreditation standards.

Again, by using Master Moving, you don’t need to spend your time researching potential moving services. We only match our clients with the best moving companies and any company that has developed a less than excellent standard of customer care will be removed from our panel of experienced professionals.

Choosing long distance movers can be daunting, but Master Moving can eliminate the uncertainty and worry. We will evaluate your specific needs to match you with the best moving services and professionals with the expertise to help you.

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