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Packing Services Professional Advice: Things To Throw When Packing to Move

Many people struggle when they are packing to move as they are not sure what they should keep and what really should be thrown away. Even if you are using professional packing services, you may have some tough decisions to make. Master moving can not only help you to find the best professional packers, but we can provide expert guidance on what you shouldn’t even bother to take to your new home.

Old Clothing:


One of the most common things packing services and professional packers see when packing to move is a closet filled to the brim. If you are a fashionista and wear everything then great, but if you are hoarding clothing that you haven’t worn in the last decade, it’s time to let go. Clothing not only takes up space in the moving truck, but it will immediately clutter your new bedroom. Evaluate your closet and look at things that don’t fit, are in poor condition or are completely outdated.


Most of us are guilty of having a bit of this paint and a bit of that one. Usually, these cans are kept for touch ups, but unless you are planning on leaving them for the new residents, you will need to have a clear out. Unfortunately, paint can be problematic to deal with; many local trash programs won’t pick up paint from the curbside, and it is a no-no at donation sites. You will need to find a drop off site in your area that deals with hazardous items and chemicals to properly dispose of your paint.


When packing to move, you may have overlooked your refrigerator and freezer. However, unless you are moving very nearby, you won’t be able to take your leftovers to your new home. Although you can pack some snacks for the move, either have a few meals of leftovers before you move or you will need to donate or throw away your perishables. Start thinking about what is in your refrigerator and freezer in the weeks before your move. You may even be able to save some money on your grocery bills.

Unused Toys:

Is the bottom of your children’s toy box filled with broken trucks and headless dolls? There really is no point in taking these broken toys to your new home, and they should be thrown in the garbage. If the toys are in decent condition and your child has simply outgrown them, consider donating them to charity or listing them on Freecycle.

Old Furniture:

You don’t want your new home filled with old couches that no one likes to sit on or desks that have a wonky leg. If some of your furniture has passed its best, it’s time to let it go. This will allow you to take a more minimalist approach in your new home and it will appear even bigger.

If you need help packing to move, Master Moving can help. We can evaluate your particular requirements and match you with fantastic packing services and movers who provide professional packers.

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