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Moving Protection

The Importance of Proper Coverage with Your Moving Company Insurance

When you are moving home, there are so many things to organize; you probably don’t want to think about anything going wrong. Unfortunately, even the best movers can suffer accidents, so you need to ensure that you have adequate moving protection. Choosing the right level of cover can be daunting, but Master Moving is here to guide you through your moving company insurance options.

The Need for Insurance:


If you have hired a fantastic moving team, you may wonder whether you need moving company insurance. However, just like heath cover can safeguard your personal health, moving protection can give you peace of mind when you wave goodbye to the truck containing your worldly possessions. Even the most careful drivers can have accidents, and moving trucks are not immune to mishaps, so you need to know that your belongings are taken care of.

Basic Cover:

This is the cheapest of moving company insurance options, but it only provides minimal moving protection. Often called “released value,” it is usually set at a maximum of 60 cents each pound. This means that all of your goods from your bag of socks to your plasma television will only be reimbursed at this rate. This level of cover is usually included in a quote as standard, and you may overlook its value. However, if you have very few high value items, it can provide a cost effective form of moving protection.

Full Value:

If you are a little concerned that most of your belongings are worth more than the basic rate, then you need to consider full value coverage. This type of moving company insurance is based on the value of your belongings. The premium is usually calculated as a percentage of the total value of your goods, so it can cost significantly more. However, it does offer far more comprehensive protection.

In the event of a lost or damaged item during the move, the movers will either repair the item to the same condition as it was or replace it on a like for like basis. This means that if your three year old refrigerator is damaged beyond repair, while you are unlikely to be offered a brand new model, you will probably be given a fair market value.

Special Items:

Finally, if you have higher value items, you need to ensure that the moving company is aware of their value. These items may need to be listed separately on the inventory and have additional coverage. According to Surface Transportation Board guidelines, items that are valued greater than $100 per pound need to be specifically listed, or they will not be covered. So, take care with your inventory and make sure any higher value items are highlighted.

If you are concerned about moving protection, speak to the Master Moving team. We can not only evaluate your moving requirements and match you with a reputable company, but we can also help you to navigate your moving company insurance options to provide you with peace of mind.

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