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Corporate Relocation Services: What Are the Corporate Relocation Package Options?


If you’ve received a great job offer and have been offered corporate relocation, you may wonder what corporate relocation services packages are available. There are many corporate relocation companies, so Master Moving is here to guide you through the options.

Family Corporate Relocation Options:

Most employers understand that you may be relocating your entire family. This means that the corporate relocation services may include family relocation assistance. This could include options such as childcare assistance, spousal job support or even elder care help. You may be offered a choice of daycare providers and reimbursement if there are special situations. Your employer may even offer assistance for your accompanying partner or spouse to obtain employment.

Transportation Options:

It stands to reason that your new employer may include travel to your new destination as part of your corporate relocation package. This usually involves provision for reimbursement of your train, car or plane journey to your new location. However, if your family needs to stay behind to settle your affairs before joining you, they may also include airfare to visit periodically over the several months you are living apart.

Moving Help:

Corporate relocation companies often specialize in moving help. They can assist you in transferring your vehicle to your new location and may even provide a full pack and unpack service. This means that a moving company is sent to your home to pack up all your items and move them to your new home. When they arrive, they will unload and unpack all the furniture to where you specify. This can help you to concentrate on your new role, rather than worrying about the logistics of moving home.

Help With Housing:

There are also corporate relocation services that can help you with your housing situation. This can include help with home sales or breaking a lease. If you will be living in temporary accommodation or on an overseas assignment, they may also arrange for your items to be placed in storage.

Of course, you will need to find a new home in your new town. So, your new employer may finance a home finding trip, temporary housing, and home buying services. This can help you to find the right new home for your entire family.

Questions to Ask About Your Corporate Relocation:

Before you finalize your deal with the HR department of your new employer, it is worth checking how long you have to move, if you will be reimbursed and if there is a cost of living differential. This will help you to evaluate your benefits package and determine if relocating is the best option for you and your family.

If you are interested in learning more about corporate relocation services, you should speak to a member of the Master Moving team. We can assess your requirements and match you with the best corporate relocation companies offering the right corporate relocation packages for you. Whether you are an employer or employee, we can help to organize your relocation as seamlessly as possible.

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