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Vehicle Transport: Master Moving’s Four Step Approach for Shipping a Car


If you are moving to a new home, you may be facing the challenge of planning how will move your vehicles if you don’t have enough drivers at home. This is a common dilemma for multi vehicle families, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful chore. With Master Moving’s vehicle transport help, you will find shipping a car is as easy as an afternoon drive.

Find a Car Transport Company:

The first step in shipping a car is to find a car transport company. Fortunately, Master Moving can help you through this potentially stressful process. We can evaluate your needs and match you with auto transport companies in your area. We only match our clients with companies that have an unrivaled reputation and offer superb service. So, you can have complete confidence that your vehicle will be in safe hands.

Determine the Costs:

When you are planning your moving budget, you will need to factor in the costs of vehicle transport. In order to obtain an accurate estimate for your car transport, the Master Moving team will need to know the number of vehicles you need to move, the type of vehicles, the date you need the vehicles at your new home and the transport distance. We will also clarify if you need a drop off and pick up service when you are shipping a car.

With this information, we can assess our panel of professionals and obtain you some accurate estimates. This will allow you to compare costs and decide which company you would like to use.

Schedule Your Pickup:

Once you have agreed to the car transport company terms, you will be able to schedule when your vehicle needs to be collected or dropped off at the designated collection point. If your vehicle needs to be collected from your home, it is a good idea to schedule it as soon as possible. Most vehicle transport businesses aim to be flexible, but the more notice they have, the better.

It is important to understand that your company will be delivering other vehicles in addition to yours, so the delivery time can vary. For example, your vehicle may be the first one collected, so it will usually be the last one to be delivered. The reverse can apply, so if you were the last one collected, you will be first for delivery. This means that you may need to wait at one end or the other. However, as the date approaches, the company should provide a pick up window with a more accurate time.

Prepare Your Vehicle:

The final step is to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Give it a good clean, so you can see any marks or scratches. It is a good idea to take some photographs of your car, just in case of any issues later. However, since you have chosen a reputable company, you can be reassured that your car is in safe hands.

If you are considering shipping a car, speak to the Master Moving team. We can match you with the best vehicle transport companies, so you can have total confidence in your car transport arrangements.

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