Interstate Moving? Vital Questions for Interstate Moving Companies
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Interstate Moving? Vital Questions for Interstate Moving Companies

If you are planning on moving interstate, you may have noticed that you have a choice of cross country moving companies. So, how do you know which one will offer the best interstate moving service for you? Fortunately, Master Moving is here to help. We can allow you to benefit from our expertise and help you to find the best interstate moving companies in the industry.

Are They Properly Licensed?

Interstate moving can be a minefield of potential problems, one of which is rogue companies and scams. Fortunately, there is some measure of protection in the form of licensing. All interstate moving companies should have a U.S Department of Transportation license number. These numbers can be verified on the D.O.T website. Remember that local moving companies who only operate within their home state will not have a D.O.T license issued. Instead, they will be licensed by the state.

However, Master Moving can help you to navigate this potential pitfall. We only work with professional moving companies who have been verified to have proper licensing.

Do They Have Relevant Experience?

If you are moving from a high rise apartment, you will have different requirements compared to someone in a suburban house. Likewise, if you have special items such as musical instruments or artwork, you will need more specialist attention compared to a standard move. Every move has its own particular characteristics, and you need movers who have experience with your specific type of move.

This is why the Master Moving team evaluate our client’s specific needs. We can use this information to assess which companies from our panel of professionals have the expertise and experience to be the best choice.

What Liability Coverage is Provided?

You also need to establish the level of liability coverage offered by the interstate moving company. Moving interstate can require a journey of thousands of miles, so you need to know that your belongings have the correct level of financial protection against loss or damage. Most cross country moving companies provide basic coverage, but you may want to upgrade to full value protection. This means that the mover is liable for the entire shipment. Should a loss or damage occur, you can claim for the full replacement value. While this may not help for sentimental value, it can provide reassurance that your high value items are fully protected.

Can You Verify References?

During interstate moving, you are entrusting your entire worldly possessions to strangers, so you need to have confidence that they are trustworthy and reliable. Verifying references can be possible, but it can also be a time consuming task. Fortunately, Master Moving can eliminate the need to verify references. In order to qualify for a place on our panel of professionals, companies need to demonstrate their commitment to customer service and have a proven reputation. This means that you don’t need to go on good faith and you can have complete confidence in your moving team.

If you are thinking of interstate moving, let us help you to find the best cross country moving companies. We can evaluate your moving interstate requirements and connect you with reputable interstate moving companies who have the expertise to help you.