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Employee Relocation Services: The Best Way to Move Your Family

Office moving or starting an entirely new role can be stressful enough, but when you need to relocate your family, it can be even more daunting. Fortunately, employee relocation services are not just office movers and can ensure that your whole family is safely relocated. Master Moving can not only match you with the best relocation services, but we can also provide guidance on getting your family settled in your new home.

The Challenges of Employee Relocation Services:


Standard office movers can easily relocate files and business equipment, but when you are dealing with moving a family, it becomes more challenging. Not only will you need to move your household belongings, but you may need to think about employment for your spouse and new schools for the children. While you are learning the ropes in your new role, your spouse and children may be facing their own challenges.

Fortunately, employee relocation services can usually provide guidance. Your package may include assistance for arranging childcare and schools. They may have recommendations for great schools in the new local area, which can save you the time of trying to research the entire town. You can simply investigate the short list to determine which are the best options.

Living Apart:

If you new employer needs you to start quickly, you may be in a situation where you live apart from your family for a couple of months while your previous home and affairs are settled. This can be a challenge for many couples, but relocation packages may include travel expenses for weekend visits and home moving help.

You may find that the employee relocation services include arrangements for temporary accommodation, finding a new home and help selling your old home. This can help take some of the pressure from living apart, and expedite reuniting the family under one roof.

Full Moving Services:

Since one of you may be in another location, it is worth checking to see if full moving services are included in your relocation package. This would mean that the moving company would handle every aspect of the relocation, from packing up your old home and transporting your belongings to setting up your new home. This can be invaluable as it provides time for your spouse to help the children make a seamless transition to their new school and extracurricular activities.

Employee relocation services offer a number of different packages, so it is important to check with your new employer to determine what is available to help your family make the transition to your new home. It may make the difference between an attractive benefits package and a stressed out family, who start life in their new hometown with a negative state of mind.

Whether you are an employer or employee, Master Moving can help with employee relocation services. We can assess your needs from office moving to full relocation to determine the companies best suited to your requirements. Our panel of experienced professionals includes office movers and relocation specialists, so speak to us today.

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